This was once a rundown bandit fortress in the River Kingdoms, until it was taken over by Achille Parsall, an aristocrat of Galt who is also a paladin of Milani.

It is the base from which Parsall seeks to recruit for his cause. In the long term, this is freedom for Galt; in the shorter term he seeks to unify the River Kingdoms. The hamlet serves as a bastion of idealism in the sometimes cut-throat society of the River Kingdoms, but all who live there are expected to follow the orders of Parsall and his soldiers.


  1. Seven Silvers Inn: Run by the only other half elf in the region – Eliana Greenleaf – nice inn, local specials include venison stew with walnuts, and catfish steaks; 4.5sp per night, meal 2sp, beer 5cp
  1. Town Greathall
    Where Lord Parsall holds court.
  1. Lumber Consortium Guildhall
    A lumber business based in Andoran which makes use of the locally fertile soil for their logging enterprises, shipping wood across the Inner Sea region.
  1. Temple of Milani
    Cleric Ril Leso – multiple glasses – old voice ‘unofficial’ church of Milani – letter of recommendation for Everbloom Monestary to make him a paladin – Brother Jacob the Free (ex-slave)
  1. Town Watch Headquarters
    Captain Ogulda Longtooth lives here, as well as some of the soldiers who do not have families in the area.
  1. Renet’s Steel
    Renet Hardhand, the local blacksmith, is a silent man. Rumour has it that he is an ex-convict from Absalom but no one has confirmed this. Gyles Fisher is an apprentice here.
  1. “Arnama’s place”
    There is a sign on the door of this picturesque little cottage saying “Arnama’s place” but, though the gardens are well tended and the house is in good repair, no one on the street ever remembers anyone living there.
  1. Lord Parsall’s Castle
    The keep of Fort Liberthane
  1. Braggar’s shop
    A shop full of strange odds and ends, containing everything from rope and soap to apples and cider. Braggar Skippet runs the store.
  1. Vargidan Estate
    The only relatively rich people in Liberthane, the family of Vargidan were originally Galtian aristocrats before the ‘late unpleasantness’ which drove them out. Putting his merchantile prowess to the test, he began to create a small trade empire with links to other of the River Kingdoms. The phrase “rich as Vargidan” is common within Liberthane.
  1. Ruined Estate
    This estate was ruined by a terrible fire which broke out 17 years ago. Arion and his family still remember the glow over Fort Liberthane that night.
  1. Braxton’s Marc’s home
    As well as a suite of rooms in the castle, foreign advisor and diplomat Braxton Marc has a small, sophisticated house in the village itself.
  1. Ilimara’s home
    Ilmara is an alchemist of some renown in the area, and can do special things with herbs and spices to create powerful results. Her efforts come at a distinct price, however. She doesn’t socialise much, and seems to prefer the company of the enormous bees which she keeps at the bottom of her potent and well-stocked herb garden. Their honey, she says, is for external use only.


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