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  • Liberthane

    This was once a rundown bandit fortress in the River Kingdoms, until it was taken over by [[:achille-parsall | Achille Parsall]], an aristocrat of Galt who is also a paladin of Milani. It is the base from which Parsall seeks to recruit for his cause. …

  • The River kingdoms

    The River Kingdoms of northeastern Avistan have long been a haven for inland pirates, anarchists, exiles, and anyone who can't seem to make it in more civilized nations. The Kingdoms are by no means a unified nation, but rather a constantly shifting group …

  • Everbloom

    The monastery of Everbloom, dedicated to the goddess Milani, is located within the dominion of the kingdom of Artume, within the central River Kingdoms. [[File:510619 | class=media-item-align-none | Milani_holy_symbol.jpg]]