"Over hill, over dale..."

After party delight

4 Gozran 4711

My ass was saved by Orianna
Told that Braxton Marc has a special way of refilling my glass

Orianna leads me at the rooftop and feeds me coffee “icofo”
Orianna is speaking common

Nice discussion with Orianna regarding the mission at Kyonin and the. After of the seven arches settlement

The lady's birthday

3 Gozran, 4711


Father without face walking like a giant on the world (like map) and where he walks roses bloom and then become a forest and wither

Doing the Rounds

Ogulda Longtooth asked me to do the “rounds” today. I will be taking a retinue of 2 men of the guard and touring the villages around

Rikkan “Longshot” , Bowman
Davit, Swordman

Rikkan’s nickname, Longshot comes from the fact he is really good with his longbow but also the story about him shooting an apple on somebody’s head for a girl which ended up getting off somebody’s ear

Sellenby par a battle
6 goblins 5 killed – one released

5 short swords
5 short bows
64 Arrows
1 potion of cure light wounds – Given to Rikkan
1 potion Unknown
2 copper pieces
7 silver pieces
1 cloth bag with really stinky cheese
1 carnelian gem

The party for Orianna

Lasen Whitemont amazing performance
He wants to become a pathfinder one day
Two lodges in Daggermark one in the city one in the village Solenas
Braxton Marc got me drunk – probably having his way with me (super-gay-love)

In the beginning

2 Gozran 4711

Wake up as always with day break – knock at the door

a letter slipped under the door
my lord asks to come to the castle on a matter of great urgency

Run to the castle
its a bit more frantic than normal

Maud the Cook, she is the Cook — she wont cook because of something that happened
Always yelling, rosie cheeked, jovial

Rats rats rats! on the basement – seen when she was trying to get breakfast out (ham)

3 + 2 giant rats

Rat man in dug room
Escaped through hole 60ft down

- financial records
- pouch of gems
- good history books
- silver symbol of rat walking on water
- 20 sheets blank paper
- bottle of green ink
- 2 quills
- 1.bottle of fine wine claret
- diary

Diary has the phases of the moon marked clearly – obsessed with money – Vincent wrote it – he makes references to the change – “the plan” the “the escape” “not able to take it with him”

- chest of gold and silver
- chest of silver and copper pieces
- documents proving embezzlement

Ready to go
A wanderer's to-do list

1 Gozran, 4711

I have never felt readier than I do today. I got my honours today and I am officially a warrior of Milani. The ceremony filled me with so much hope and i can still feel my heart burning from all the prayers and vows.

It’s my time now, it’s my time to go and taste, see, touch and listen to the world. It wait for me I can feel it with every fiber of my being.

I am compelled to once again write a to-do list, why not? They kept me sane for the last 10 years or so.

I need enough money to buy
- An iron lance
- Bow
- Arrows (at least 20)
- new horse shoes for Thaddeus
- a map of Kyonin

Other things to do
- Say goodbye to mother
- Say goodbye to Giles and Estelle
- Ask permission for Lord Achille and my title
- Get the copy of my map of the River kingdoms from the study in the Library

Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I can’t wait to open my eyes into this new strange world.
Father, wherever you are, you better be ready for me.

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