Lasen Whitemont

stammering young bard and wanna-be Pathfinder


Lasen wants to be a Pathfinder someday – it’s his closest secret, his best desire, and one he shares with everyone who will listen. Pimpled, skinny and stammering, Lasen isn’t much to look at but, when he starts to sing, you really couldn’t care less. There’s a purity and stillness in his voice which draws you in – when he sings of adventure your heart begins to pump. Whenever he sings of sadness you wonder how someone so young could have experienced so much sorrow, and tears prick in the eyes of the strongest man.

When a man’s in love, he feels no sorrow
His heart is free of every care
He only dreams about tomorrow
He seldom speaks of yesterday

Love knows no bounds, love has no season
It blooms as bright as a Summer rose
It lasts for years or for no reason
It fades away like the Winter snow

When a woman loves, she fears no danger
She’ll conquer all standing in her way
But a woman’s love if it ever changes
It can pierce your heart like a cold steel blade

I’ve heard it said that love is like a garden
If you don’t take care, the weeds grow tall
When the days get short, the ground can harden
And leave your heart like a withered stalk


Grew up in one of the other farming villages around Fort Liberthane

Lasen Whitemont

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