Arion d'Astre

Paladin of Milani and Archeologist driven by Wanderlust to explore and make a name for himself while protecting the innocent and preaching of Freedom


Deep icy eyes and dark blue-black hair on a tanned skin. Arion stands 6’2’’ tall with his broad shoulders always upright and his elven ears always in plain sight. Arion features a dark rich beard that he keep well groomed. He feels that his beard and his ears are both representative of the duality of his nature and his schism.


Arion is the son of Marie and Arion. He was born 20 years ago in Liberthane. Arion, although he shares a name with his father, never met him and to this day this remains an unresolved issue for him.

Despite of the fact that his step father and siblings may not be in the best of terms with Arion he harbors great respect for all of them and consider’s Gyles’s craftmanship a form of art.

Arion spent his younger years very close to his mother and that inspired him to lose himself into tomes of books. Hunting down knowledge became almost second nature to young Arion where his passion led him to read possibly most, if not all, of the books in the Library of Lord Achille Parsall.

Spending his time in the shadow of the great man, Arion became indoctrinated into the ideals that Parsall stood for, namely, freedom, hope and the protection of those in need. This led him to pledge himself to Milani, the Paladin matron of Parsall and become his lowly squire.

His desire to serve and help his lord was only matched by his desire to find some time to study and read about the vast world he never saw.

Arion aspires to explore, to learn and help others learn; he wants to make a name and a fortune for himself and he wants to do it while helping the people around him become the best they can be, free from tyranny or the body and soul.

As a very young Paladin of Milani has spent quite some time learning how to take care of his 5 × 5 ft rose garden at the back of the Library which became his place of reading during day and, sometimes, night.

Arion feels like the whole world is his oyster and the biggest fears he has are about his devotion to Milani versus to his love of knowledge championed by Irori and his belief that there is nothing more important than justice, valor and honour championed by Iomidae. He finds solace in to knowing that all three gods are closely allied but his doubts about choosing the right path surface almost daily, everytime he picks up his books or his sword.

In his personal time Arion takes great pleasure into narrating the stories that he read about. Late at night he can commonly be found in the local tavern spinning the wheel of great epics. He hopes that soon enough he will have some stories that he wrote or took part himself to tell.


Arion is quite aware of his personality and looks, despite the fact that as a half-elf he is quite often considered alien or not part of the group he never had a real problem with the ladies. The only competition that his lover of the time was with was his books, his swordsmanship training and his master, which for many of these ladies there were 3 ladies too many. Arion is is trying to be committed to everything that he does and his multi-interested nature makes him a jack-of-all-trades but indeed, a master of none. He has been truly in love many times but the burning passion was as fleeting as the wind when something else took his mind away, most of the times a new book in the library.


Arion finds himself in daily basis battling against himself. Matters of religion, race, ideals, his path seem to always generate dilemmas of completely contradictory thoughts. In a way he thinks of this as a sign of his young age (too young for an Elf, a full adult as a human). Arion believes that the moment he will begin to solidify his desires he will be ready to conquer the world, and that by itself says a lot about how far he believes he is from achieving this

Short term goals

Recently released to the world as a Paladin by finishing his squiredom, Arion is getting prepared for the next step. He needs to amass all the equipment needed and some money to be able to be on his way to explore the world.

In his mind his quest should begin in Kyonin the place that he believes his natural father resides.

He really has no idea what to expect but this thought, as always, excites and terrifies him.

Before he leaves he wants the blessing of his lord in the form of knighthood or a quest that will grant him this title and he is determined to make this a reality. He wants to be able to stand and represent his kingdom so his actions will echo the ideals and the ideas of Liberthane. He dreams of reaching the civilized lands of the South and take part in tournaments to raise funds for his endeavours and for his name to be heard and revered.


Books, Knowledge, Exploration, Adventure, Roses


Oppression, Close minded-nes, Cowardice

Arion d'Astre

"Over hill, over dale..." flautodolcissimo Romeo