"Over hill, over dale..."

The lady's birthday

3 Gozran, 4711


Father without face walking like a giant on the world (like map) and where he walks roses bloom and then become a forest and wither

Doing the Rounds

Ogulda Longtooth asked me to do the “rounds” today. I will be taking a retinue of 2 men of the guard and touring the villages around

Rikkan “Longshot” , Bowman
Davit, Swordman

Rikkan’s nickname, Longshot comes from the fact he is really good with his longbow but also the story about him shooting an apple on somebody’s head for a girl which ended up getting off somebody’s ear

Sellenby par a battle
6 goblins 5 killed – one released

5 short swords
5 short bows
64 Arrows
1 potion of cure light wounds – Given to Rikkan
1 potion Unknown
2 copper pieces
7 silver pieces
1 cloth bag with really stinky cheese
1 carnelian gem

The party for Orianna

Lasen Whitemont amazing performance
He wants to become a pathfinder one day
Two lodges in Daggermark one in the city one in the village Solenas
Braxton Marc got me drunk – probably having his way with me (super-gay-love)


flautodolcissimo Romeo

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