"Over hill, over dale..."

In the beginning

2 Gozran 4711

Wake up as always with day break – knock at the door

a letter slipped under the door
my lord asks to come to the castle on a matter of great urgency

Run to the castle
its a bit more frantic than normal

Maud the Cook, she is the Cook — she wont cook because of something that happened
Always yelling, rosie cheeked, jovial

Rats rats rats! on the basement – seen when she was trying to get breakfast out (ham)

3 + 2 giant rats

Rat man in dug room
Escaped through hole 60ft down

- financial records
- pouch of gems
- good history books
- silver symbol of rat walking on water
- 20 sheets blank paper
- bottle of green ink
- 2 quills
- 1.bottle of fine wine claret
- diary

Diary has the phases of the moon marked clearly – obsessed with money – Vincent wrote it – he makes references to the change – “the plan” the “the escape” “not able to take it with him”

- chest of gold and silver
- chest of silver and copper pieces
- documents proving embezzlement


flautodolcissimo Romeo

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